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By Constance Montfort.

In Los Angeles , we like our homes open, dramatic, strong and beautiful. We are not just about Colonial or Plantation. We are about the New West...ingenuity, progress and technology. We like to do things ergonomically and scientifically. We want everything to be environmentally correct...we want it to be GREEN.

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We've seen our home values skyrocket, and it has been precisely because of our seemingly narcissistic traits. LA has become one of the most desirable places to live in the entirety of the US , and it is entirely because of us.

We are demanding, whether we want whole house renovations or just a small guest bathroom. Every aspect of each of our homes is important to us.

We have a great love for the eclectic. Remodeling an old home for one of us demands great creativity, sometimes requiring our contractor to construct a completely new kind of architecture...maybe even one that does not yet have a name.

Yes, we appreciate Traditional, Greek Revival, Prairie, Arts and Crafts, Bungalow, Victorian, Modern, Post Modern and especially California Contemporary...but we far prefer our own personal style, which is uniquely LA.

We are especially particular when it comes to our kitchens and baths. Our kitchens are the hearths of our homes, and our baths are our havens for peace, relaxation, and solitude.

We are all too aware of all of the new products which protect our planet. Bamboo flooring is not a stranger to us. Neither is cork, or rubber, or stainless steel. We know all about granite counter tops, and we want a contractor who knows exactly how to install them properly.

We want a contractor who uses materials that combine both usability and beauty. We want a contractor who is continually researching the new products on the market, and will always keep us up to date and informed. We want to incorporate these newest products into our homes.

We want a contractor who understands the importance of this. We want him to understand cabinetry and counter tops, floor coverings, walls and ceilings, appliances and sinks, windows and lighting, storage and ventilation. We want him to understand solar energy. As a matter of fact, we want him to understand every facet of remodeling, and if he does not, we want him to find out.

We understand that the kitchen and the bathroom are the most important rooms in our home. They are of vital importance. The kitchen is the place, not just for food, but for solace, for conversation, for family get-togethers, and for working together. The bathroom is a place for serenity, and of course, agua. We want our contractor to understand that too.

We want functional layouts and space-saving features. We want help with the architectural aspects of our project. If we have an architect or interior designer, we want a contractor who will work with that individual. We want quality production and attention to detail.

Our homes are all different. They each express the individuality of the owner. Sometimes the facade of one might not give even the slightest clue as to what lies within, or sometimes there is so much glass there are no secrets whatsoever.

Some of us live in historic districts. Some of us live in warehouse districts. Some of us live in old converted barns. Wherever we live, and whatever we've done or are about to do, you can count on one thing...each project will be unique.

You see, we LA people are not like anyone else, anywhere, and guess what? We are very proud of that.

In spite of all of this, we are also cost conscious. We do not want to overspend our budget. Even we have financial limitations... everyone does. We want a contractor who will walk through every expense with us and advise us as to how to utilize our finances so that we get an incredible home without going deeply into dept. We want a contractor who will see to it that we get the best product at the most conservative price.

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